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I was just at the end of my first 2 years in real estate, you know that point where you have to invest more time in courses and money to keep going, and I had bombed! I was miserable, broke and ready to hang up the towel. I consider my life guided, and at that precise moment I met someone who thankfully mentored me. I will forever be grateful for that moment in time, because it led me to where I am today.

Over the years I have been surprised to learn of how many agents that I considered good Agents had left the business - they just couldn't make it work. It's true- it's not for everyone. Here's what I will say - like any career - you get the practical (schooling) then you merge it with great practices, due diligence, experience and just like that you've got yourself a budding career! We have all heard the stat that 87% of real estate agents will fail within their first 5 years. How can you break out of this and become a top producing, successful real estate agent? By working with your own personal real estate agent coach.You are aware that mentorship is great, but it doesn't take into consideration your style, the way you do things and what fits you. The more authentic and intentional you are in your day to day activities with your clients the more you will enjoy your profession.

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