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Selena is an outstanding coach! I started out not knowing where to start in the real estate business and in only two sessions with Selena, we discovered the inefficiencies in my business, built a robust database, developed a plan for sales growth, and created effective work processes. I was able to increase the number of transactions closed and decrease my business costs by half. Selena is passionate about getting your real estate business off to a great start and has immense real estate experience to back it up. Overall, this coaching experience had an immediate effect on my business where I am well on my way to hitting my financial goals. Do not hesitate to reach out to Selena, this is the best business investment I've ever made!
Joyce A. 


Selena helped me jump start my real estate career.
After getting my license and entering the real estate world, I quickly learned there was no way I was going to be able to do this on my own (for the first year anyway)
My first buyer and seller deal came up and If it weren't for Selena… I wouldn't have known how to handle it. All the “behind the scenes work” is something you learn as you go, and only someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Selena could prepare you for it.
When I submitted my first deal, I had the listing agent reach out and say “wow your paperwork is so clean” He had no idea it was my first month in the business … when I told him, he said "wow you must have a good mentor"
Julia A.


Safe to say Selena has given me the push I needed to jump start my career and I will always be grateful for her expertise and guidance.
Daniel T.


I will always remember her practices and tips everyday throughout my real estate career- as it's made me successful thus far and has kept my clients more than happy.
Gary C.


She's straight to the point, tells you how it is- which I loved. She is smart and quick- doesn't leave anything out… she prepares you and teaches you how to handle clients professionally and with care.
Kevin S.


Recently I had a conversation with Selena over the struggles of a buyer in this crazy market and being a REALTOR who is looked upon as not only a guide but a voice of reason. Being in the industry over 17 years, I've witnessed different market cycles. I know the importance of being in tune with what's currently happening in the market. Selena has proven to be MY voice of reason and MY guide. Not only did her advice assist me in standing out on offer night once, but twice back to back!! Selena definitely has her finger on the pulse of the real estate market and is able to coach you on being your best!
Rory A.

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